Water Quality Summary:

It is ultimately the responsibility of the user to subjectively assess the application and decide its worth and benefit. Proof and its requirements go both ways, especially in the sense of passive technologies where nothing ‘material’ initially changes, and ultimately requires the same measure of observation, repeatability, accuracy and precision, and corroboration to rule it out. Often in any application, the control variables required end up removing objectivity of the natural environment intended. (by removing the subject all together)

Natural Action intends to provide simple solutions through the observation and copy of nature, often referred to as biomimicry. In combination with many years of practical application based on these principles, we know that filtration, water revitalization, and mineral enhancements all are capable of producing functional water.   

Functional water must be determined by application and may not be the same for all applications. Qualifications for functional water using varying aspects of known positive biological response are unique. For example: If a wide variety and number of plants are tested with a specifically defined method of water modulation and show positive growth and brix factors, the water could be considered functional for agriculture use. The same water could be applied to a human being and show no positive bio-logical response in the scope of the study.  Functional water is then application specific. Until more studies are conducted and a more universal approach is understood in depth, the applications fall into specific categories. 

It is our intent to make these and other products available to our customers for the purpose of raising quality of life on the planet.

We offer a 90-day satisfaction guarantee on our ‘Structured Water Units’ and know our customers realize a difference. It’s as simple as installing a shower unit and noticing the change in feel of the water or the change in the amount of mold that grows in the shower. Our satisfaction history is greater than 99%@100,000+ units sold, and that is the only objectivity that really matters to us.

We are also proud to announce representation for Multi-Pure carbon block filters and Minbiotics ™ colloidal volcanic mineral supplements. We strongly believe when combined with our SW devices, this combination produces highly functional water.

As far as everyday use water is concerned, we believe that the most natural methods of structuring are the best in the long run over electrical or magnetic processes. This means utilizing the subtle effects of flow vortices and subtle piezo electric effects of materials.

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